Abasement (noun)

  1. The action or state of bringing down or lowering someone or something.
  2. The degradation of someone's pride, status, or dignity.
  3. The reduction of the height of a building or structure.


Late middle english: from old french abaissement, from abaisser 'lower', from a- (from latin ad- 'to, at') + baisser 'to lower' (based on latin bassus 'short, low').


  1. His abasement was complete when he was fired from his job.
  2. She felt a deep sense of abasement when she saw her ex-boyfriend with another woman.
  3. The abasement of the old castle was a major disappointment to the tourists.
  4. The abasement of the bridge caused major problems for commuters.
  5. The abasement of the once-proud athlete was a sad sight to behold.
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