Absorption ( noun , adjective )

(As a noun)

Absorption ( noun )

  1. The action or process of absorbing or being absorbed.
  2. The ability of a substance to take in another substance or another substance to be taken in.
  3. The state of being absorbed or having absorbed something.
  4. The assimilation of a minority group by a dominant culture or society.


Late middle english (in the sense "action of absorbing"): from latin absorbere, from ab- "away" + sorbere "suck in".


  1. The absorption of water into the soil was slow because of the drought.
  2. The absorption of light by the material was measured by the spectrophotometer.
  3. His attention was so focused that he was in a state of complete absorption.
  4. The absorption of immigrants into American society was slow and difficult.
  5. The absorption of the small country into the larger empire was completed in just a few months.

(As an adjective)

Absorption ( adjective )

  1. Having the quality of absorbing.
  2. Having the ability to take in and hold.
  3. Having the ability to assimiliate and make a part of a larger entity.
  4. Having the quality of being completely absorbed or occupied.


Formed from the verb absorb with the suffix -ive.


  1. The absorption capacity of the sponge was tested by putting it in water.
  2. The absorption qualities of the material made it ideal for use as a filter.
  3. Her absorption in her work was so complete that she did not hear the doorbell.
  4. The absorption of different cultures is one of the strengths of the city.
  5. His absorption in his own thoughts made him appear distant and unapproachable.
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