Abstraction (noun)

  1. The process of considering or treating something as an idea or concept separate from an concrete instance.
  2. The quality of being aloof or removed.
  3. An idea or concept not associated with any particular instance or object.
  4. A work of art that is stylized and not representational.


Late middle english (in the sense "the act of separating, drawing away"): via old french from latin abstractio(n-), from abstract- "drawn away", from the verb abstrahere.


  1. The abstraction of mathematical concepts can be difficult for many students.
  2. The composer's work is characterized by a sense of abstraction that is both intellectual and emotional.
  3. Her abstraction from the world allowed her to focus on her own thoughts and feelings.
  4. The painting was praised for its pure abstraction, unencumbered by any recognizable subject.
  5. The abstraction of love as a feeling separate from other emotions is central to much romantic literature.
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