Acadian (noun)

A person who is descended from the original French settlers of the region of Acadia in northeastern New France, which is now parts of eastern Quebec, the Maritimes, and the Gaspé Peninsula of Canada.


From the french word "acadie", which referred to a region in northeastern new france.


  1. The Acadian community in Louisiana is known for its rich culture and history.
  2. The Acadian flag is a symbol of pride for people of Acadian descent.
  3. The Great Upheaval, also known as the Great Expulsion, was a forced migration of the Acadians from their homeland in the 1750s.
  4. The annual Acadian Festival celebrates the heritage and culture of the Acadian people.
  5. The Acadian people have their own unique dialect of French, often referred to as Acadian French or Chiac.
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