Accelerator (noun)

  1. A device for increasing the speed of an engine or vehicle.
  2. A device for increasing the rate of a chemical reaction or process.
  3. A program or initiative designed to speed up the development of a particular technology or industry.
  4. A particle accelerator, a device used to accelerate charged particles to high speeds.


From latin accelerator ("one who hastens"), from accēlērō ("to hasten"), from ad- ("to") + cēlērō ("i hasten").


  1. The accelerator pedal is used to speed up the car.
  2. The accelerator was essential for the successful completion of the experiment.
  3. The accelerator program helped start-ups to grow rapidly.
  4. The accelerator was used to study the properties of subatomic particles.
  5. The accelerator helped to reduce the time required for the reaction to take place.
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