Accumulation (noun)

  1. The process or result of accumulating or being accumulated.
  2. A large amount or quantity that has been gathered or collected over time.
  3. The growth or increase of something through a gradual process.
  4. The buildup of a substance in a particular place, especially one that is harmful or unwanted.


Late middle english: from latin accumulatio(n-), from the verb accumulare, from ad- "towards" + cumulus "heap".


  1. The accumulation of wealth was his primary goal in life.
  2. The accumulation of snow on the road made it difficult to drive.
  3. The accumulation of knowledge in the field has led to many new discoveries.
  4. Her collection of antique furniture was the result of a lifetime of careful accumulation.
  5. The accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is contributing to global warming.
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