Acetylene ( noun , adjective )

(As a noun)

Acetylene ( noun )

  1. A flammable gas with the chemical formula C2H2, used as a fuel and in organic synthesis.
  2. A chemical compound containing two carbon atoms and two hydrogen atoms, with the formula C2H2.


Derived from the french acétylène, formed from the prefix acét- (from acétique, 'acetic') + -ylène, from the greek hyle, 'matter'.


  1. Acetylene is commonly used in welding.
  2. The acetylene gas is highly flammable.
  3. The experiment was performed using a mixture of oxygen and acetylene.
  4. The acetylene torch is a very powerful tool in metalworking.
  5. Acetylene is a colorless, highly flammable gas.

(As an adjective)

Acetylene ( adjective )

  1. Of or relating to acetylene or its derivatives.
  2. Containing or involving the use of acetylene.


Formed from the noun acetylene, used to describe chemical compounds or reactions involving acetylene.


  1. Acetylene welding is a type of welding that uses a flame.
  2. The acetylene torch is used for cutting metal.
  3. The acetylene plant is used to produce acetylene gas.
  4. The acetylene reaction is used in organic synthesis.
  5. The acetylene group is a functional group in organic chemistry.
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