Acquiescence (noun)

  1. The act of accepting, complying, or submitting passively or without protest.
  2. The state of being in agreement or consent without actively participating or taking a strong stance.
  3. The act of complying with the wishes or demands of others willingly.


From the latin acquiescentia, from acquiescere ("to grow quiet, become satisfied"), from ad- ("to") + quiescere ("to be quiet").


  1. His acquiescence to her request was surprising.
  2. Her acquiescence to the demands of the kidnappers was a sign of weakness.
  3. The government's acquiescence to the demands of the protesters was seen as a victory.
  4. The company's acquiescence to the demands of the union led to a strike.
  5. His acquiescence in her decision was seen as a sign of trust and respect.
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