Adjourn (verb)

  1. To temporarily suspend a meeting or a session with the intention of resuming it later.
  2. To put off or delay an event or a meeting to a later time.
  3. To defer or postpone a decision or action to a future date.


From middle english ajornen, from old french ajourner ("to put off"), from a- ("to") + jour ("day") + -ner ("to cause"), ultimately from latin diurnus ("daily").


  1. The meeting was adjourned until the next day due to a lack of quorum.
  2. The court adjourned for lunch and resumed in the afternoon.
  3. The committee adjourned the hearing until further notice.
  4. The board adjourned the meeting until all members were present.
  5. The government adjourned the session due to a pressing issue.
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