Admixture (noun)

  1. Admixture refers to the act or process of mixing or the presence of a secondary substance mixed with a primary substance.
  2. In chemistry, admixture refers to the addition of a secondary substance to a primary substance to produce a new mixture with different properties.
  3. In genetics, admixture refers to the genetic contribution from two or more populations to the gene pool of a new population.


Admixture comes from the latin word "ad" meaning "to" and "mixtus" meaning "mixed".


  1. The admixture of the two substances created a new compound with unique properties.
  2. The admixture of different cultures and traditions resulted in a rich and diverse community.
  3. Admixture of the two populations resulted in a new gene pool.
  4. The admixture of various ingredients resulted in a delicious new recipe.
  5. The admixture of different materials in the construction of the building resulted in a strong and durable structure.
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