Adoption (noun)

  1. The act of legally taking someone else's child and raising it as one's own.
  2. The act of accepting or using something, especially a new idea or a new technology.
  3. The process of a new idea, product, or technology being accepted and used by the general public.


The word 'adoption' originated from the latin word 'adoptare' which means 'to choose or take as one's own.'.


  1. The adoption process was long and complicated, but the couple was finally able to adopt a child.
  2. The company's adoption of the new software improved their productivity.
  3. The adoption of the new product was slow at first, but it eventually became popular.
  4. The adoption of the new technology was crucial for the company's growth.
  5. The adoption of the new policy was met with mixed reactions from the employees.
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