Advance ( verb , noun )

(As a verb)

Advance ( verb )

  1. To move forward or onward.
  2. To make progress or increase.
  3. To improve or develop.
  4. To promote or make something happen.
  5. To bring something forward in time or space.


Late middle english: from old french avancer, from latin ad- "towards" + avans "ahead".


  1. The company is advancing new technology.
  2. He advanced to the next round of the tournament.
  3. She advanced her career through hard work.
  4. The army advanced on the enemy.
  5. The scientist advanced a new theory.

(As a noun)

Advance ( noun )

  1. The act of advancing or moving forward.
  2. The state of being advanced or progressed.
  3. An improvement or development.
  4. A promotion or increase in rank or status.
  5. A sum of money paid before it is due.


Late middle english: from old french avance, from avancer "advance".


  1. The advance of technology has been rapid.
  2. The company made an advance in its research.
  3. He received an advance on his salary.
  4. The advance of the army was slowed by the rough terrain.
  5. The advance in medical treatments has been remarkable.
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