Adverb (noun)

A word or phrase that modifies or qualifies an adjective, verb, or other adverb.


Late 16th century: from latin adverbium, from ad- 'to' + verbum 'word'.


  1. The adverb 'quickly' modifies the verb 'run' in the sentence 'She runs quickly.'.
  2. Adverbs such as 'very', 'well', and 'too' are used to add emphasis to adjectives.
  3. The adverb 'here' indicates place and is used in the sentence 'Come here.'.
  4. Some adverbs can also be used as adjectives, such as 'daily' in the sentence 'He has a daily routine.'.
  5. The adverb 'never' negates the verb 'forget' in the sentence 'I will never forget you.'.
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