Advertisement (noun)

  1. A notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service or event.
  2. A paid announcement, as in a newspaper or on television, promoting a product or service.
  3. An act of calling attention to something, such as a product or service, in order to encourage people to buy or use it.


From middle english avertissement, from old french avertissement, from avertissement, from avertir "to warn" + -ment.


  1. The company placed an advertisement in the newspaper to recruit new employees.
  2. The advertisement on television was very effective in increasing sales.
  3. The product was not selling well until they put out a new advertisement campaign.
  4. She saw an advertisement for a new car and decided to buy it.
  5. The advertisement was misleading and the product did not live up to its claims.
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