Aerobatic (adjective)

  1. Aerobatic refers to the performance of stunts or acrobatics in the air, typically by an aircraft or a pilot.
  2. In a broader sense, aerobatic can also describe any activity or maneuver that involves movement or skill in the air.


Aerobatic is derived from the greek word "aero" meaning "air" and "batikos" meaning "capable of.".


  1. The aerobatic display by the pilot was a breathtaking performance.
  2. The aerobatic aircraft was designed to perform stunts and acrobatics in the air.
  3. The aerobatic competition was a showcase of skill and precision in the air.
  4. The aerobatic gymnast performed acrobatics and stunts while suspended in the air.
  5. The aerobatic dance was a beautiful performance that showcased grace and movement in the air.
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