Agglomeration (noun)

  1. Agglomeration refers to the gathering or collection of a number of smaller things into a larger mass or cluster.
  2. In the context of cities and urban development, agglomeration refers to the growth and expansion of urban areas.


Agglomeration is derived from the latin word "agglomerare" meaning "to heap together.".


  1. The agglomeration of small towns into a single sprawling metropolis was a result of urbanization.
  2. The agglomeration of stars and galaxies formed the large-scale structure of the universe.
  3. The agglomeration of data and information into a single database was a major project.
  4. The agglomeration of ideas and opinions into a unified position was a challenging task.
  5. The agglomeration of talents and skills into a single cohesive team was the key to success.
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