Aim ( noun , verb )

(As a noun)

Aim ( noun )

  1. The action of directing something at a target.
  2. The action of trying to achieve something.
  3. The target or goal that someone is trying to achieve.
  4. The purpose or intention of an action or decision.
  5. The direction in which something is pointing.


Middle english aym, from old english ǣm, from germanic *ēm, from proto-germanic *ēmaz (compare old norse æmi, old high german ēm, gothic ēm); akin to latin animus mind, spirit, greek ōmos shoulder.


  1. The aim of the game is to score the most points.
  2. She took aim and fired the gun.
  3. He has set his aim to become a doctor.
  4. The aim of the policy is to reduce unemployment.
  5. The rocket's aim was off.

(As a verb)

Aim ( verb )

  1. To direct something at a target.
  2. To try to achieve something.
  3. To point something in a particular direction.
  4. To intend or plan to do something.
  5. To direct one's attention or efforts towards a goal.


From aim, noun.


  1. She aimed the gun at the target and fired.
  2. He aims to finish the project by next week.
  3. The company aims to increase its market share.
  4. The camera was aimed at the stage.
  5. She aimed her comments at the audience.
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