Airfoil (noun)

  1. An airfoil is a surface designed to produce lift when moved through a fluid, such as air.
  2. Airfoils are commonly found on the wings of aircraft, and are essential for flight.


The word "airfoil" is a compound of "air" and "foil".


  1. The airfoil was carefully designed to maximize lift while minimizing drag.
  2. The airfoil was the key to the aircraft's ability to fly, providing lift and stability in the air.
  3. The airfoil was made of a lightweight composite material, with a smooth surface to reduce turbulence.
  4. The airfoil was tested in a wind tunnel to ensure that it performed as expected in flight.
  5. The airfoil was an example of engineering at its finest, with every curve and contour carefully crafted to achieve the desired results.
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