Airtime (noun)

  1. The time during which a program or advertisement is broadcast on radio or television.
  2. The amount of time that a person or organization pays for or is allotted for broadcasting on radio or television.


From the word "air" meaning broadcasting over the airwaves and "time" meaning a period of duration, referring to the time that a program or advertisement is broadcasted over the airwaves.


  1. The political campaign purchased a significant amount of airtime on the local television station.
  2. The morning show had the most airtime on the radio station during the drive time hours.
  3. The advertisement was scheduled to run during prime-time airtime.
  4. The radio DJ gave away a prize to a caller who could name the most songs played during his airtime.
  5. The network gave the show's creators more airtime to develop the characters and plot.
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