Alchemist (noun)

  1. A person in ancient times who studied alchemy and tried to turn base metals into gold.
  2. A person who studies or practices alchemy, especially one who tries to transform substances in order to discover their hidden properties.
  3. A person who is skilled in making changes or improvements, especially in a chemical process.


Late middle english: via old french from latin alchimista, from greek khemistēs, from khemeia (see chemistry).


  1. The alchemist was known for his experiments with transforming base metals into gold.
  2. The alchemist was regarded as a wizard for his mysterious and elusive experiments.
  3. The alchemist was a sought-after consultant for his knowledge and expertise in chemical processes.
  4. The alchemist was a pioneer in his field, constantly pushing the boundaries of what was known.
  5. The alchemist was a master of his craft, with a deep understanding of the properties of different substances.
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