Alkalinity (noun)

  1. Alkalinity is a measure of the capacity of a solution to neutralize acids, specifically the amount of base present in a solution.
  2. Alkalinity can also refer to the degree to which a substance has a pH above 7.


The word "alkalinity" comes from the latin word "alkali", meaning a type of soluble salt, and the suffix "-ity", used to form nouns indicating a quality or state.


  1. The high alkalinity of the water made it difficult for the fish to thrive, as they required a more acidic environment.
  2. The alkalinity of the soil is an important factor in determining what types of plants can be grown there.
  3. The alkalinity of the chemical solution was measured to ensure that it was safe for use.
  4. The alkalinity of the liquid was too low to effectively neutralize the acid, and additional base was needed.
  5. The alkalinity of the lake was carefully monitored to ensure that it remained within a safe range for aquatic life.
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