Allover (adjective)

  1. Allover refers to a pattern or design that covers an entire surface, with no clear borders or divisions.
  2. Allover is also used to describe a uniform application of a substance or material covering a surface completely.


The word "allover" is derived from the old english word "all", meaning all, and the word "over", meaning throughout. the term was originally used in reference to clothing and textiles, and has since been used to describe patterns and designs covering an entire surface.


  1. The curtains had an allover floral pattern that created a cheerful, inviting atmosphere.
  2. The cake was decorated with an allover layer of chocolate frosting.
  3. The dress was made from a delicate allover lace fabric.
  4. The allover design of the wallpaper was a little too busy for my taste.
  5. The allover application of paint was even and smooth, giving the wall a sleek, modern look.
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