Allusive (adjective)

  1. Making indirect reference or suggestion, especially to another person, event, or literary or artistic work.
  2. Indicating or implying without stating directly, making reference to something without naming it specifically.


Derived from the latin word 'alludere', meaning 'to play with' or 'to refer to indirectly'.


  1. The author's writing was full of allusive references to classical literature and mythology.
  2. His allusive remark about the weather was a subtle way of suggesting that we leave the city for a holiday.
  3. The painting's allusive style left much to the interpretation of the viewer, encouraging them to make connections to their own experiences.
  4. The allusive language used in the poem was difficult for some readers to comprehend.
  5. The allusive nature of her speech made it hard for anyone to understand what she was trying to say.
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