Almanac (noun)

An annual publication containing weather forecasts, planting and harvesting dates, and other statistical data, typically arranged by month and day and often incorporating astrological information.


Late middle english: from old french almanach, from medieval latin almanac(h)us (calendarium), from arabic al-manākh, from al "the" + manākh "calendar".


  1. The farmer consulted his almanac to plan his planting schedule.
  2. The Old Farmer's Almanac has been a popular reference book for over two centuries.
  3. The almanac also contained information about celestial events such as eclipses and comets.
  4. Many gardeners rely on their almanac to determine the best time to plant and harvest crops.
  5. In the past, almanacs were often used as a general reference for all types of information, including recipes and health advice.
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