Amount (noun)

  1. A quantity of something, especially money.
  2. The total value or quantity of something, especially when estimated or computed.
  3. The total number or quantity of something considered collectively.


Late middle english: from old french amonte 'amount, increase', from latin ad montem 'to the mountain' (i.e. a sum of money due was recorded by adding it to a previous sum recorded on a tally, represented by a notched stick, which was then split down the middle along the notches, one half being kept by the creditor and the other by the debtor; later, the sense was extended to the stick itself and to the sum recorded on it).


  1. The amount of money raised was impressive.
  2. The recipe calls for a specific amount of flour.
  3. The amount of work required is considerable.
  4. The company is considering reducing the amount of staff they have.
  5. The amount of time needed to complete the project has been shortened.
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