Anathema (noun)

  1. A formal ecclesiastical curse involving excommunication; a ban or curse pronounced by ecclesiastical authority, and accompanied by excommunication.
  2. A person or thing that is detested or shunned; a curse or something accursed.
  3. A thing or person that one vehemently dislikes.


From the greek ἀνάθεμα (anáthema) meaning "something dedicated" or "something set up", from ἀνατίθημι (anatíthēmi), meaning "to set up" or "to dedicate".


  1. The Pope declared the heretic anathema.
  2. He had become an anathema to his former friends.
  3. She considered the idea of moving to the suburbs an anathema.
  4. He looked upon the prospect of going to war as anathema.
  5. The very idea of failure was anathema to him.
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