Anemone (noun)

  1. A plant of the buttercup family, with showy flowers and whorled leaves, typically growing in woodlands or on rocky ground.
  2. A sea anemone, a sedentary marine animal with a fleshy column and an oral disk surrounded by tentacles, which are used for capturing food.


Late middle english: via latin from greek anemōnē, from anemos "wind", because the flowers were thought to open only when the wind blew.


  1. The woodland was carpeted with anemones, their delicate petals swaying in the wind.
  2. The sea anemone was a vibrant shade of pink, its tentacles reaching out to capture passing food.
  3. Anemones are a common sight along the rocky coastlines of the Pacific Northwest.
  4. The anemone's bright flowers make it a popular addition to gardens and floral arrangements.
  5. Anemones are a type of cnidarian, a group of animals that also includes jellyfish and coral.
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