Anglo-saxon (adjective)

Relating to or denoting the Germanic peoples who lived in England from the 5th to 11th centuries and their descendants and language.


Late 19th century: from anglo- "english" + saxon.


  1. The anglo-saxon period in England saw the establishment of many important cultural and political institutions.
  2. Anglo-Saxon literature, such as Beowulf, is considered to be some of the earliest and most important works in the English language.
  3. The anglo-saxon invasion of Britain had a lasting impact on the country, shaping its language, culture, and political system.
  4. Anglo-Saxon architecture, such as the great stone churches, is considered to be some of the most important examples of its kind.
  5. The anglo-saxon culture is often seen as being rugged, independent, and individualistic, and is said to have laid the foundations for the development of modern English society.
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