Ant (noun)

  1. A small insect that lives in organized colonies or nests, which typically consist of one or a few fertile females and many sterile workers.
  2. A small, hard-bodied insect with a slender waist and long antennae, that lives in organized colonies or nests.
  3. A social insect that lives in colonies or nests, typically having a division of labor among workers, soldiers, and reproductive forms.


Old english æmette, of germanic origin; related to dutch emet and german ameise.


  1. The ants were marching in a line across the picnic table.
  2. The ant colony was located near the base of the tree.
  3. The ant was carrying a crumb of bread back to the colony.
  4. The ant hill was home to thousands of ants.
  5. The ants were working together to carry the leaf.
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