Antediluvian (adjective)

Belonging to the time before the biblical flood.


Late 16th century: via latin from greek antēdiluvios, from antē before + diluvios relating to the flood, from diluvi flood.


  1. The ruins of the antediluvian city were discovered by a team of archaeologists.
  2. The antediluvian era is often associated with myths and legends, including the story of Noah and the Ark.
  3. The antediluvian landscape was vastly different from the world we know today, with towering forests and great reptiles roaming the land.
  4. The antediluvian civilization was said to be highly advanced, with cities of gold and other wonders.
  5. The antediluvian age is often seen as a time of great mystery and fascination, with many unanswered questions about the world and its inhabitants.
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