Anthropocentric (adjective)

Anthropocentric means viewing the world and everything in it as having human interests and values as the most important and central.


The word "anthropocentric" is derived from the greek words "anthropos" meaning "human" and "kentron" meaning "center".


  1. Anthropocentric beliefs hold that humans are the center of the universe and all other life is secondary.
  2. Many ancient cultures were anthropocentric, believing that their gods were created in the image of humans.
  3. Anthropocentric attitudes towards the environment have led to many problems such as pollution and deforestation.
  4. Critics argue that anthropocentric thinking is limited and that there are many other valid ways of viewing the world and our place in it.
  5. Anthropocentric values are often in conflict with more holistic views, which view all life as interconnected and equally important.
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