Anthropomorphism (noun)

The attribution of human characteristics or behaviors to a god, animal, or object.


Mid 19th century: from greek anthrōpomorphos, from anthrōpos man + morphē form.


  1. Anthropomorphism is a common feature of many ancient myths and legends, where gods and animals were often depicted with human qualities.
  2. Many children's books and cartoons feature anthropomorphized animals, such as Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny.
  3. Anthropomorphism can be seen as a way of making the non-human more relatable and understandable to humans.
  4. Critics argue that anthropomorphism can lead to a distorted and oversimplified understanding of non-human entities.
  5. Anthropomorphism is not limited to the representation of animals, but can also refer to the attribution of human qualities to inanimate objects or natural phenomena.
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