Anticipation ( noun , verb )

(As a noun)

Anticipation ( noun )

  1. The action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction.
  2. The enjoyment of the pleasures of an event in imagination before it happens.
  3. Preoccupation with a future event; preoccupation with something to come.


Late middle english: from latin anticipatio(n-), from the verb anticipare (see anticipate).


  1. I woke up with a sense of anticipation, knowing that today was the day of the big game.
  2. The anticipation of her arrival was killing me.
  3. He could hardly contain his excitement and anticipation as the day of his vacation approached.
  4. She had mixed feelings of anticipation and anxiety as her wedding day approached.
  5. The crowd was full of anticipation as the band took the stage.

(As a verb)

Anticipation ( verb )

  1. Regard something as probable or likely to happen and take action in advance of it.
  2. Enjoy or imagine the pleasures of an event in advance of its happening.


Late middle english: from latin anticipare, from ante "before" + capere "take".


  1. He anticipated her arrival by getting everything ready.
  2. He had anticipated the company's needs and had already ordered the necessary materials.
  3. She anticipated the problem and took steps to prevent it.
  4. He anticipated her every need and made sure she was comfortable.
  5. I anticipated the question and had prepared my answer.
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