Antihero (noun)

A central character in a story, movie, or play who lacks conventional heroic qualities such as bravery, nobility, and good moral character.


The word 'antihero' was first recorded in english in the early 20th century, and comes from the prefix 'anti-' meaning 'opposite' or 'against', and the noun 'hero', meaning 'a person who is admired for their courage, noble qualities, and good deeds'. the word 'antihero' was created to describe a new type of fictional character that was the opposite of a traditional hero.


  1. Tony Soprano, the protagonist of the television show 'The Sopranos', is considered to be one of the greatest antiheroes in modern pop culture.
  2. Walter White from the popular show 'Breaking Bad' is another famous example of an antihero, as he starts off as a struggling high school chemistry teacher and transforms into a ruthless methamphetamine manufacturer.
  3. In the movie 'Taxi Driver', the character of Travis Bickle is often seen as an antihero due to his lone vigilante actions and intense inner turmoil.
  4. In the comic book series 'Watchmen', the character Rorschach is often seen as an antihero due to his brutal methods and disregard for the law.
  5. The character of Jack Bauer from the television show '24' is sometimes considered to be an antihero due to his willingness to use violent and unethical methods to protect his country.
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