Antilock (adjective)

A device or mechanism that prevents the wheels of a vehicle from locking when braking suddenly, improving the driver's control of the vehicle.


The word "antilock" is derived from the prefix "anti-" meaning "opposed to" and the verb "to lock" meaning "to fasten or secure something in a particular place or positio.n"


  1. The antilock brakes on the car prevented the wheels from locking and helped the driver maintain control during the emergency stop.
  2. The new car model comes equipped with antilock brakes for improved safety.
  3. The antilock system prevents the wheels from locking up, which allows the driver to maintain control of the vehicle during hard braking.
  4. Antilock brakes are standard on most modern vehicles to improve braking performance and prevent skidding.
  5. The antilock brake system is designed to prevent the wheels from locking up during hard braking and to help the driver maintain control of the vehicle.
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