Antiretroviral (adjective)

Relating to or being a drug used to treat retroviruses, especially HIV.


The word 'antiretroviral' is derived from the prefix 'anti-' meaning 'against' and 'retroviral' referring to a virus that replicates its rna by reverse transcription.


  1. The patient was given antiretroviral drugs to slow the progression of HIV and improve their immune function.
  2. The antiretroviral therapy was started early to prevent the development of AIDS.
  3. The antiretroviral medication was highly effective in suppressing the replication of the virus and preventing its spread.
  4. The antiretroviral drugs were combined with other medications to improve their efficacy and reduce the likelihood of drug resistance.
  5. The antiretroviral treatment was an important part of the global effort to control the spread of HIV and improve the health of those infected with the virus.
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