Antiviral (adjective)

Relating to or being a medication or treatment that is used to prevent or treat viral infections.


The word 'antiviral' is derived from the prefix 'anti-' meaning 'opposed to' and 'viral' referring to viruses.


  1. The antiviral drugs can help to reduce the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of illness in people with viral infections.
  2. The antiviral therapy is an essential component of the management of viral diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, and influenza.
  3. The antiviral medications are used in combination with other treatments to enhance the effectiveness and reduce the risk of drug resistance.
  4. The antiviral vaccines have been developed for some of the most common and deadly viral diseases, such as measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella.
  5. The antiviral research continues to search for new and more effective ways to prevent and treat viral infections, including the development of antiviral gene therapies.
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