Anvil (noun)

A metal block with a flat top and a horn-shaped projection, used as a work surface for hammering and shaping hot metal.


From old english anfilt, from an (on) + filt (a bench, a support).


  1. The blacksmith placed the red-hot metal on the anvil and began to hammer it into shape.
  2. The anvil was an important tool for the blacksmith, allowing him to shape and reshape metal as needed.
  3. The anvil's horn was used for bending and curving metal, while the flat top was used for striking and flattening.
  4. Anvils are typically made of hardened steel or iron, and can weigh hundreds of pounds.
  5. In the past, anvils were used not only by blacksmiths, but also by other metalworkers such as armorers and coppersmiths.
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