Aperture (noun)

  1. An opening, especially one that allows the passage of light through a camera lens to the film or image sensor.
  2. An opening in a wall or other barrier, especially one that forms a doorway or window.


Mid 17th century: from latin apertura, from apert- "opened", from aperire "to open".


  1. The size of the aperture determines the amount of light that enters the camera and affects the depth of field in a photo.
  2. Aperture priority is a shooting mode in photography that allows the user to choose the aperture setting while the camera determines the correct shutter speed.
  3. The aperture of the camera can be adjusted to control the depth of field and the amount of light that enters the camera.
  4. An aperture is a hole or opening that allows light to pass through, such as the aperture of a camera lens.
  5. The aperture of the doorway was large enough for two people to walk through side by side.
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