Apostate (noun)

A person who renounces their religious faith, political ideology, or principles.


The word 'apostate' comes from the late latin apostata, which means 'a rebel' or 'a traitor'. this word was later adopted into middle english to describe someone who has abandoned their religious beliefs or political cause.


  1. The man was considered an apostate by his community because he publicly renounced his religious beliefs.
  2. In medieval Europe, being labeled as an apostate was often met with severe punishment, including imprisonment and execution.
  3. Many political leaders throughout history have been accused of being apostates by their opponents, due to a perceived change in their beliefs or principles.
  4. The term 'apostate' is often used in a pejorative manner to describe someone who is perceived as having betrayed their cause or community.
  5. In some religious contexts, the act of becoming an apostate is considered to be a serious sin, and those who do so may face excommunication or other forms of ostracism.
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