Appeasement (noun)

  1. The action or process of pacifying or placating someone.
  2. The policy of making concessions to an aggressor in the hope of avoiding war or maintaining peace.


Mid 16th century (in the sense "pacification, reconciliation"): from old french apaisement, from apaiser "to pacify", based on latin pacificare (see pacify).


  1. The government's appeasement of the protesting workers was met with mixed reactions.
  2. The policy of appeasement towards the dictator led to the country's eventual downfall.
  3. The company"s appeasement of the customer"s complaints was seen as a sign of weakness.
  4. The appeasement of the angry mob by the police helped to prevent violence.
  5. The appeasement of the rival factions was seen as the only way to prevent a civil war.
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