Applejack (noun)

  1. A type of strong, clear liquor made from apples, typically having an alcohol content of around 40%.
  2. An alcoholic drink made from apples, especially cider that has been distilled to increase its alcohol content.


Early 18th century: from apple + jack, originally denoting a machine for raising apples from a container, later used for the liquor produced.


  1. I'll have a glass of applejack, please.
  2. The homemade applejack was a potent brew that made him feel warm all over.
  3. The applejack was aged in oak barrels for several years to give it a smooth flavor.
  4. After a hard day's work, the farmers would enjoy a glass of applejack to unwind.
  5. The applejack was made from a blend of different types of apples to give it a unique taste.
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