Apposition (noun)

The grammatical relation between two nouns or noun phrases that refer to the same person or thing, the latter being added after the first as a defining or explanatory clause, for example, "my friend, the mayor".


Late middle english: from latin appositio(n-), from the verb apponere 'to place beside', from ad- 'to' + ponere 'to place'.


  1. The phrase 'my friend, the mayor' is an example of apposition.
  2. In apposition, the noun or noun phrase following the first provides additional information about the noun or noun phrase that precedes it.
  3. Apposition is a common feature of English grammar, used to provide clarity and specificity to sentences.
  4. The appositive noun or noun phrase is often set off by commas, in order to indicate the grammatical relationship.
  5. Apposition is used in both formal and informal writing, and can be a useful tool for emphasizing the relationship between two nouns or noun phrases.
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