Barbarian (noun)

  1. A person considered uncivilized or primitive, especially one from an ancient or non-European culture.
  2. A person who is regarded as uncivilized, savage, or lacking in cultural refinement.
  3. A member of a non-Greek or non-Roman people, especially one from northern Europe, who is perceived as uncivilized or primitive.


From the latin barbarus, from the greek βάρβαρος (bárbaros), of unknown origin. the term has been in use in english since the 16th century.


  1. The Greeks considered the Persians to be barbarians because of their different customs and language.
  2. The civilization considered the nomadic tribes to be uncivilized barbarians.
  3. The ancient Roman Empire often portrayed their enemies as cruel and bloodthirsty barbarians.
  4. The medieval European kingdoms portrayed their enemies as uncivilized barbarians.
  5. The 19th-century European imperialists often viewed the people they colonized as barbarians in need of civilization.
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