Blowsy (adjective)

  1. Having a disheveled or untidy appearance, often as a result of being too plump.
  2. Having a florid or ruddy complexion, often as a result of drinking too much alcohol.


From the middle english word "blowe" meaning "blown" or "inflated" and the suffix "-sy" meaning "full of" or "having the characteristics of".


  1. She was a blowsy woman, with a bright red face and hair that looked like it hadn't been combed in days.
  2. The flowers in the garden were blowsy and overgrown, as if they had been left to their own devices.
  3. His usually neat suit was looking a little blowsy, as if he had been wearing it for days on end.
  4. She had a blowsy look about her, like she had just rolled out of bed.
  5. The party was getting a bit rowdy and everyone was looking a bit blowsy by the end of the night.
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