Cabin (noun)

  1. A small, simple house, typically made of wood, used as a dwelling or for recreation.
  2. A private room on a ship or airplane.
  3. A small room or compartment on a ship, especially one used as a sleeping place.
  4. A small shelter, typically made of logs, used for camping or hunting.


Middle english, from old north french cabane, from old proven├žal cabana, from late latin capanna, from latin capanea, from greek kapana.


  1. They built a cabin in the mountains.
  2. She reserved a first-class cabin on the cruise ship.
  3. The crew members have their own cabins on the ship.
  4. The family rented a cabin in the woods for their vacation.
  5. The hunters set up a cabin in a remote area for their expedition.
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