Caboose (noun)

  1. A railway car at the rear of a freight train, formerly used as a kitchen and living quarters for the train crew.
  2. A small room or hut attached to the rear of a ship or boat, used as a kitchen or storage space.


The word 'caboose' comes from the dutch word kabuis, meaning 'cook's quarters on a ship'.


  1. The caboose was the last car on the train, and served as the home away from home for the train crew.
  2. The caboose was equipped with a kitchen, a sleeping area, and a place to relax during the long journey.
  3. The caboose was an important part of the train, and was used to monitor the cars for any problems or safety issues.
  4. The caboose on the ship was a small space that was used to prepare meals for the crew.
  5. The caboose was an essential part of the ship's operation, providing a place to store supplies and cook meals.
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