Cancellation (noun)

  1. The act of canceling something, such as a reservation, appointment, or event.
  2. The process of annulling or making something void.


Late 14c., from old french cancelacion (14c.) or directly from latin cancellationem (nominative cancellatio) a crossing out, from cancellare to cancel, cross out, from cancellus latticed, dim. of cancer lattice, grating, from pie root *qanq- "to make a grid, lattice".


  1. The concert was cancelled due to the bad weather.
  2. We had to make a cancellation on our hotel reservation.
  3. The cancellation of the flight caused a lot of inconvenience.
  4. The cancellation of the event was announced on social media.
  5. Due to technical issues, the meeting was cancelled and rescheduled.
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