Canopy (noun)

  1. A covering or shelter, especially one made of leaves or branches, that provides shade or protection from the sun or rain.
  2. A decorative covering or drapery hung over a bed or throne.
  3. The uppermost branches and foliage of trees in a forest.


Derived from the old french word "canapé" meaning "couch" or "bed".


  1. The canopy of the forest provided a cool and shady refuge from the hot sun.
  2. She spread a canopy over the picnic table to provide protection from the rain.
  3. The canopy of the jungle was so thick that very little sunlight reached the forest floor.
  4. The canopy of the tent was made of durable, waterproof material.
  5. The canopy of the baby's crib was made of delicate lace and hung with soft toys.
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