Capitalize (verb)

  1. To write or print a letter in uppercase.
  2. To use capital letters in writing or printing.
  3. To make the most of an opportunity or resource for financial or other gain.
  4. To convert something into financial or economic gain.
  5. To provide financial investment in a project or business in order to make a profit.


Derived from the latin word "capitālis" meaning "of the head" or "relating to a head or capital city".


  1. Always capitalize the first word in a sentence.
  2. She forgot to capitalize the name of the company in the letter.
  3. He capitalized on his experience in marketing to start a successful business.
  4. The company capitalized their investment in new technology by increasing productivity and sales.
  5. The company is looking for investors to capitalize the development of a new product line.
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